Saturday, October 9, 2010

Khaleja :: I loved it

Khaleja was an out and out entertainer. Remove the first 10 minutes and the last 30 minutes, the movie is a block buster with awesome comedy and loads of entertainment. The movie is a treat for mahesh fans. He is present in most of the scenes. If you are a fan like swathi in Ashta chemma ul play the movie in loop until mahesh's next movie is released. Anushka was hot, bitchy in 2 songs and her scope is limited to that. Ali, sunil, brahmanandam and MS were all present but in brief roles. No one was used to the fullest. The songs were very untimely. Rao ramesh's role looked like an extension to Magadheera. Shafi was superb.

Mahesh was very handsome. Kudos to the cinematographer and the makeup artists. His accent was typical east godavari style. The way he says bangaram/nanna/bhayya at the end of every dialogue is really funny. Had a hearty laugh all through the movie. His characterization in this movie is exactly antithetical to his character in athadu. He talks a lot in the movie.

Trivikram delivered awesome punch dialogs in this movie too. But a few looked redundant. You could easily guess the second part of the punch dialog which made them life less. Some of the dialogs of rao ramesh looked like they were inspired from Magadheera. I did not like the screenplay at many places. The climax looked like they were in a hurry to finish the story. To start with there is not much story. The story is very small one and a lot elements had to be added to make it a 2.5 hour movie and hence the screenplay was clumsy. Atleast 3 songs in the movie were untimely. They were there to show case the heroin and extend the movie. The development of chemistry between the hero and the heroin is not convincing.

Cinematography was beautiful. All those scenes in the desert were very very well shot. Most of the songs were shot only on sets. Felt there should have been a location based song. Anushka, Prakashraj and Thanikella bharani are definitely worth more than what the movie had to offer. There are a few technical flaws but not worth a mention as they are there in almost all the movies.

Amidst all this Mahesh and his dialogs stand out. It was a laugh riot in the first half and parts of second half. The film is about Mahesjavascript:void(0)h Mahesh and only Mahesh. Any other character was merely supporting this main character.

Most of the opinions depend on how you enjoy mahesh babu's dialogue delivery and trivikram's punches in E.G.Dt dialect. If you don't like the movie I will lose respect for your comedy sense :( . Finally I think the movie would have been a runaway hit if it was for 1.5 hours.


  1. interval aipoyaka ocheste 200 days gurantee cinema :P

  2. There are many who liked 2nd half more also :)