Saturday, October 9, 2010

Khaleja :: I loved it

Khaleja was an out and out entertainer. Remove the first 10 minutes and the last 30 minutes, the movie is a block buster with awesome comedy and loads of entertainment. The movie is a treat for mahesh fans. He is present in most of the scenes. If you are a fan like swathi in Ashta chemma ul play the movie in loop until mahesh's next movie is released. Anushka was hot, bitchy in 2 songs and her scope is limited to that. Ali, sunil, brahmanandam and MS were all present but in brief roles. No one was used to the fullest. The songs were very untimely. Rao ramesh's role looked like an extension to Magadheera. Shafi was superb.

Mahesh was very handsome. Kudos to the cinematographer and the makeup artists. His accent was typical east godavari style. The way he says bangaram/nanna/bhayya at the end of every dialogue is really funny. Had a hearty laugh all through the movie. His characterization in this movie is exactly antithetical to his character in athadu. He talks a lot in the movie.

Trivikram delivered awesome punch dialogs in this movie too. But a few looked redundant. You could easily guess the second part of the punch dialog which made them life less. Some of the dialogs of rao ramesh looked like they were inspired from Magadheera. I did not like the screenplay at many places. The climax looked like they were in a hurry to finish the story. To start with there is not much story. The story is very small one and a lot elements had to be added to make it a 2.5 hour movie and hence the screenplay was clumsy. Atleast 3 songs in the movie were untimely. They were there to show case the heroin and extend the movie. The development of chemistry between the hero and the heroin is not convincing.

Cinematography was beautiful. All those scenes in the desert were very very well shot. Most of the songs were shot only on sets. Felt there should have been a location based song. Anushka, Prakashraj and Thanikella bharani are definitely worth more than what the movie had to offer. There are a few technical flaws but not worth a mention as they are there in almost all the movies.

Amidst all this Mahesh and his dialogs stand out. It was a laugh riot in the first half and parts of second half. The film is about Mahesjavascript:void(0)h Mahesh and only Mahesh. Any other character was merely supporting this main character.

Most of the opinions depend on how you enjoy mahesh babu's dialogue delivery and trivikram's punches in E.G.Dt dialect. If you don't like the movie I will lose respect for your comedy sense :( . Finally I think the movie would have been a runaway hit if it was for 1.5 hours.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oka Manchi Mutyam

vevela varnala kanthulu virajimme rangu rangula gajupenkula gutta kanna oka manchi mutyame makkuva kada.A manchi mutyam koraku anveshane kada ee jeevitam.

Mana jeevitam lo entho mandi talukku mantaru, kontha mandi dhaga dhaga merustaru varandaru aa ralla gutta lo okare, mana mutyam dorikentha varaku ila entho mandi merustaru. akarshistaru. akakttukuntaru. Kani andaru alochimpajelayeru. Manasuki anandanni andivvaleru. Ala kondare untaru. vallu edo oka roju kalustaru. Appativaraku manaki aa mutyaniki gaju mukka ki unna vyatyasam ardham kadu. Ardham ayyela evaru cheppaleru kuda.

Ee mutyam ninnu kalavaka mundu enno theeralu enthento dooralu prayanam chesi vachindi. Chinni isuka renuvuni mingi inka aa mutyam thanake sontham anukuntunna
aa alchippa pranalane harinchindi. Oka jalari chetiki chikkindi. Jalariki deeni viluva poorthi ga teleedu. telisina emi cheskoleni paristhithi. samudram nunchi veliki teesi kamsali chetilo pettadam thone athani badhyata teeripoyindi. athani anubandham antham aipoyindi. Idi enno mutyalanu veliki teesina thanakantu okkadanni kuda sontham cheskoleni deena gadha ee jalaridi.

Atu nunchi aa mutyam payanam kamsali daggariki. Eeyana ooha sakthi amogham. raayi laga kanipinche dani nunchi atyadbhutamaina mutyanni chekkina ghanata ithanike swantham. atuvanti ithaniki kuda sandigdham. thana daggare unchukunte aakali badha. ammi vesthe kadupu kotha.Reyimbavallu kashtapadi chekkadu mari.

Mutyaniki kuda konchem badha undi. sannani uli debbalu sudulla guchukuntunte orchukundi. kani avvanni thana kosame ani telisi santoshapadindi. thana andanni chusi thane murisipoyindi.kamsaliki hrudaya purvaka kruthgnyathalu cheppukundi. Athaniki elagaina nyayam cheyyali anukundi. Athaniki sampatti ni penchali ani
nirnayinchukundi. andukosam kontha atmakshobanu aina bharinchadaniki siddha padindi.

Ade samayamlo aa kamsali daggariki vellavu. Mutyam andamga mustabayyindi.churakattulanti aa choopula banalu nee kantiki guchukunnayi. Atu vaipu tirigavu. chusavu. anandinchavu. abhimaninchavu. preminchanu. teesukunnavu. gundello padilam ga dachukunnavu.nee abhimanam lo apadamastakam munigina aa mutyam kuda ninnu abhimaninchindi. Ninnu marintha andam ga chupinchalani nirnayinchukundi. Adi thana pane aina, nee kosam inka anandam tho rettinchina utsaham tho chesindi.

kani aa roju, aa bandhipotla mutha ninnu looti chesindi. nee sarvasvanni dochukellindi. nee mutyam tho saha. vaddu vaddu ani bathimalavu.vekki vekki edchavu.
naa pranalu teesukellina bagundedi ani anukunnavu. enno rojulu nidraharalu lekunda gadipavu. aa gajupenkulathone sangathyam bagundunu kada. evaru vatini etukuporu anukunnav. sneham chesavu. cheyyi kosukunnavu. nijam telusukunnavu.

Muthyalu konne unnayi kani okkate ledu. Maro muthyam kosam sodhinchavu. opika tho nireekshinchavu. chivariki sadhinchavu. ee sari inkonchem jagratta paddavu. Jeevithantam neetho undela maluchukunnavu. Ala ani poyinadanini marachipolevu. em chesina marachipolevu. enno sarlu gurthuku vasthundi. enno vidhaluga muripisthundi.thanu ledanna chedu nijanni gurthuchesi vellipothundi. oka chinni chirunavvu chindinchi nee pani lo nuvvu munigipothavu.

Idi nee jeevithantam gurthu pettukuntavu. chedu anubhavam laga matram kadu. tiyyanaina gnayapakam laga. madhuramaina anubhuti laga. swachamaina prema laga.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I wont miss you

In about twenty days from now, I'll be sitting in my room packing my things for the train next day. I will be downloading all the stuff from dc onto my hard disk and try to fill it. May be an hour before leaving, i would take a walk around the campus for one last time. And ya, wishing every one all the best for all their future endeavors for one final time. Most people would say we are sure to meet again, some acquaintances may say a bye and a few others will just say bye knowing that we will never meet again. Never ever.

What's with this campus?I love it for a moment the next moment I detest it.I've had the best moments of my life with friends here and yea the worst too. May be if I write a 600 page novel about my life till graduation it would contain 100 ages about my 16 years before coming here and the other 500 would be about the 4 yrs I spent here. There is some magic around here. What it is or what I may miss if I leave this place is something i can't tell now . But as of now i really feel i won't miss too much. Not too many things I see around here seem real or permanent. Will i really miss something if i leave this place? I am going to get a job, earn money do what i want with that, go out freely in the nights, roam any where during the weekends smoke or booze in my room,can visit any goddamn site on the internet and need not be afraid of grades anymore, need not answer my parents about getting less cgpa, hit on some beautiful girl(at least try, i bet you, finding a beautiful girl is rare only inside campus not outside) and well a lot more none of which i can do when on campus.

Isn't it awesome? Isn't it enough? What am i going miss ? Friends, if that is what you say, we are going to stay in touch. But yes i realize that We can still meet friends but we wont have anything much to talk about.He does not have labs during which he screwed up badly, he doesn't have a prof under whom he's doing a project to tell about, all the adventures he's done to try and impress that girl, the time when she gave a dirty look when we were ogling at her(of course never cared and continued to stare),no DC to bring up interesting campus stuff or TV series, no behind the auditorium scenes to talk about, no auditorium events to talk about. Everyone suddenly turns professional : starts speaking English when we meet, get offended when swear words are used, can't talk about anything they feel is personal, cant talk about work because of the confidentiality agreement, fun trips will not be fun anymore because you now go with colleagues.

One best thing about the life outside campus is that there are no strings attached. You can do whatever you want to.There will not be a conflict of interests because you don't really care what others want.You need not sacrifice things you like because your friends did not like (the look sweet when done on campus, but off campus they look like you overdo things),You will not have to convince a lot of people to do something because you like it. And here i am anticipating just that kind of life.

I have the gut feeling that one day I might really feel that I miss you all.I really do not want to face that day.Suggestions please...

Cheers to every one on campus. You've made 4 years of my life memorable. Will always be thankful for that :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"I Love You" has now become a banal statement used in almost every situation and something we say to every one. The statement does not have a real meaning anymore.We say it to mere acquaintances, best of friends and even people we've never met before often fondly called love at first sight. We lavish on people whom we think we love, their birthdays are supposed to biggest thing you always wanted to celebrate, not to forget the enormous amount of sentimentality we imbue in our talks with them. And everyone loves everyone.

As a result when you tell somebody you love them today they only think how frivolous you are. And when you continue and go on to tell how u cant imagine your life without them and how you have always loved them and other such trite remarks you are just adding to the bull shit. And all the other person finds in you explaining these is humor and irritability and rightly so.

Not to forget the best part, all those ways u try to impress them, by taking people to the best of places or buying them flowers and finally calling them up one day to say "I need to talk."Oh yes and I am not saying its wrong to express your feelings. You may be completely right. But what actually happens when the other person does not feel the same. You might feel sad, drink a few pegs and finally move on... find a new partner and yes the story repeats and sometimes your conscience confronts you with the question "Is this true love or just infatuation?" and you satisfy yourself saying "Yes it is because i feel connected". Somehow this seems illogical to me.Of course i know what you say: Many things in love are just illogical.

What is with proposing? telling a person you love about how much you love them. I have a simple question "Why?". Why do you have to tell somebody that you love them. In telling them so all you are trying to do is trying to prove to the world that even they love you. But my question still remains why? What has the world got to do with it? What have you achieved by letting them know? Are you trying to weigh your love against theirs? There is no other motto. Except for some satisfaction that you have a person to share your feelings/ or thoughts with, have a trusted partner to share your secrets because you know u cant keep them all to yourself.That is dependency my dear, not love.

Remember when was the last time you called your parents and told them how much you loved them. The last time when you called your sister/ brother to tell how boring your life would be had they not been in your life.Did your parents ever take you to a candle light dinner offered by the best restaurant in town and then tell you how much they loved you? Did you ever compose a song for your sister? How many times did you persuade your mom when she was feeling low? They never needed to because they loved you and they need not prove it to anyone.. My mom always knew when i was hungry or sad or sick. My dad always knew when i needed money or books. They might have scolded me most number of times than anyone else did in my entire life, I always felt its because they had that they had a right to. Love is all about that all about sharing your right to freedom with others and when that does not exist, biologically its called symbiosis and these days people often tend to call it "Love"

some things are better understood when not stated and i strongly believe love one such feeling.Final word on all this : Don't ever tell anyone how much you love them because if you really do they know it already and if they don't it only means they don't want to know.

Pramod (:P)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ek Choti si Not-A-Love-Story :: Part-I

Bujji and chitti are real good friends.once bujji was sitting in his room building a beautiful castle in air. Chitti barged into the room then and hence blew up the castle.Bujji was seething with anger.He never expected chitti to do that. He thought it was chitti who was going to stay with him in that castle along with his parents. He never knew what love and all meant at that tender age but he knew he can never find a second one like chitti. But she crashed all his hopes. Full of tears and anger he left the room. He hasnt uttered a single word.But he said to himself "This is it."

chitti never knew what actually happened.Neither the castle nor his hopes were visible to her.All she could do is see him boiling in anger and wonder "why?". She always wanted to know the reason but he was never in a mood to tell her. Whenever he saw her face it reminded him of his castle so, he is not going to see her face again. He chose to ignore her. She tried a few times but in vain. Then she decided that she should not bother him again.She chose to offer him something that would give him peace: her absence.

Bujji and chitti have been living there with their parents since 10 years.They grew up together went to the same school, played together and many a times ate together.So this sudden separation between Bujji and chitti surprised every one. Every wanted to know the reason. But as a matter of fact neither chitti nor bujji knew it.They tried to make some wild guesses but couldnt find a valid reason. Their mutual friends tried to convince but no one was in a mood to listen.Bored with all these lectures and cribbings he gradually distanced himself from all his old friends.

Bujji virtually had no time as he was preparing for his 7th class board examinations.In the evenings he had math and science tutions.He had no time to look back or analyse about what happened then and how he could resolve. In the little free time he had, he was enjoying captain planet and swatkats on cartoon network.Finally it was april and his exams started.They went on well except for the hindi and social studies papers.Bujji came out of the centre after his last exam that day and was feeling like he was on top of the world free of all bondages. He wanted to share this happiness with someone and looked around. There was no one. His friends invited him for watching a movie but he politely refused. He wasnt in a mood to go.There was only one thought in his mind now . "How much more happier would I be had i shared this happiness with chitti."

He thought its time he should tell her why he was angry with her. He rushed home immediately. It being a saturday his father came home in the afternoon, brought a packet of bujji's favorite sweets. He had two reasons to celebrate. the other reason being he got transferred to hyderabad. He was so happy that he will now be able to give his son better quality education.Bujji jumped in surprise.His mom giggled and kept a sweet in his wide-open mouth.Bujji's dad then mentioned meeting chitti's dad while they were leaving to the railway station. Bujji was taken aback in shock.

He knew he had no time. He rushed out of home in nickers,ran to auto uncle at the street end and requested him for a drop to the railway station.He was just in time only to find the train moving and chitti standing near the door waving to her dad. Her mom and she are leaving to their grand parents place in guntur to spend their summer vacations.Bujji has lost his last chance he had.He was utterly dejected. She noticed bujji in the last minute but didnt seem to care. That further saddened him.

He was completely nostalgic.Last year, bujji was there to drop chitti at the railway sation. Just when the train started, chitti filled her hand with a few drops of water and sprinkled it on bujji's face.she was pulled back gently by her mom.She waved him till they could see each other. Bujji didnt want to leav the station until he couldnot see the train anymore.He was almost in tears.

The act of sprinkling water on face brought him back to the present. By that time the train had already left. This time too he was in tears.He knew he should not have done that he knew he should have never been angry with her. He understood he could build a new castle with a bit more effort, but can never bear the thought of chitti not staying in it with him.And now he knew it.He knew this He knew it was not over. He knew it.

Yes its not over. Part-2 coming real soon... :)