Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ek Choti si Not-A-Love-Story :: Part-I

Bujji and chitti are real good friends.once bujji was sitting in his room building a beautiful castle in air. Chitti barged into the room then and hence blew up the castle.Bujji was seething with anger.He never expected chitti to do that. He thought it was chitti who was going to stay with him in that castle along with his parents. He never knew what love and all meant at that tender age but he knew he can never find a second one like chitti. But she crashed all his hopes. Full of tears and anger he left the room. He hasnt uttered a single word.But he said to himself "This is it."

chitti never knew what actually happened.Neither the castle nor his hopes were visible to her.All she could do is see him boiling in anger and wonder "why?". She always wanted to know the reason but he was never in a mood to tell her. Whenever he saw her face it reminded him of his castle so, he is not going to see her face again. He chose to ignore her. She tried a few times but in vain. Then she decided that she should not bother him again.She chose to offer him something that would give him peace: her absence.

Bujji and chitti have been living there with their parents since 10 years.They grew up together went to the same school, played together and many a times ate together.So this sudden separation between Bujji and chitti surprised every one. Every wanted to know the reason. But as a matter of fact neither chitti nor bujji knew it.They tried to make some wild guesses but couldnt find a valid reason. Their mutual friends tried to convince but no one was in a mood to listen.Bored with all these lectures and cribbings he gradually distanced himself from all his old friends.

Bujji virtually had no time as he was preparing for his 7th class board examinations.In the evenings he had math and science tutions.He had no time to look back or analyse about what happened then and how he could resolve. In the little free time he had, he was enjoying captain planet and swatkats on cartoon network.Finally it was april and his exams started.They went on well except for the hindi and social studies papers.Bujji came out of the centre after his last exam that day and was feeling like he was on top of the world free of all bondages. He wanted to share this happiness with someone and looked around. There was no one. His friends invited him for watching a movie but he politely refused. He wasnt in a mood to go.There was only one thought in his mind now . "How much more happier would I be had i shared this happiness with chitti."

He thought its time he should tell her why he was angry with her. He rushed home immediately. It being a saturday his father came home in the afternoon, brought a packet of bujji's favorite sweets. He had two reasons to celebrate. the other reason being he got transferred to hyderabad. He was so happy that he will now be able to give his son better quality education.Bujji jumped in surprise.His mom giggled and kept a sweet in his wide-open mouth.Bujji's dad then mentioned meeting chitti's dad while they were leaving to the railway station. Bujji was taken aback in shock.

He knew he had no time. He rushed out of home in nickers,ran to auto uncle at the street end and requested him for a drop to the railway station.He was just in time only to find the train moving and chitti standing near the door waving to her dad. Her mom and she are leaving to their grand parents place in guntur to spend their summer vacations.Bujji has lost his last chance he had.He was utterly dejected. She noticed bujji in the last minute but didnt seem to care. That further saddened him.

He was completely nostalgic.Last year, bujji was there to drop chitti at the railway sation. Just when the train started, chitti filled her hand with a few drops of water and sprinkled it on bujji's face.she was pulled back gently by her mom.She waved him till they could see each other. Bujji didnt want to leav the station until he couldnot see the train anymore.He was almost in tears.

The act of sprinkling water on face brought him back to the present. By that time the train had already left. This time too he was in tears.He knew he should not have done that he knew he should have never been angry with her. He understood he could build a new castle with a bit more effort, but can never bear the thought of chitti not staying in it with him.And now he knew it.He knew this He knew it was not over. He knew it.

Yes its not over. Part-2 coming real soon... :)


  1. annayya chitti asalu peru cheppu

  2. awesome man....loved dis sentance..."She chose to offer him something that would give him peace: her absence."......:)

  3. story teller O.o ;
    dialogue writer avuthav anukunna.. story writer ayyava :) n1 blog \m/

  4. me flat...(to script) awesome ep!!!

  5. ommmmmmg pramod vadlamani....oka paruchuri...oka chinni krishna...oka yvs ajay :P nice raaaa chitti asalu peru cheppu...(meghana ani matram cheppaku :D)

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  7. @ajay dialog writer audaam ante censor board oppukune la ledu anduke scripts tho adjust authunna :P

    @PRD @KT chitti asal peru next episode lo reveal chestha :D

  8. hey super pramod...even i liked "She chose to offer him something that would give him peace: her absence. "

  9. vammo..aftr reading 1st para ..i thought its reverse of bujjigadu.....chitti feels she has done a mistake and goes to chennai .... chittamma..

  10. Bhayya!! ee kotta project eppatninchi? emainaa jariginda? chittevarenti?