Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"I Love You" has now become a banal statement used in almost every situation and something we say to every one. The statement does not have a real meaning anymore.We say it to mere acquaintances, best of friends and even people we've never met before often fondly called love at first sight. We lavish on people whom we think we love, their birthdays are supposed to biggest thing you always wanted to celebrate, not to forget the enormous amount of sentimentality we imbue in our talks with them. And everyone loves everyone.

As a result when you tell somebody you love them today they only think how frivolous you are. And when you continue and go on to tell how u cant imagine your life without them and how you have always loved them and other such trite remarks you are just adding to the bull shit. And all the other person finds in you explaining these is humor and irritability and rightly so.

Not to forget the best part, all those ways u try to impress them, by taking people to the best of places or buying them flowers and finally calling them up one day to say "I need to talk."Oh yes and I am not saying its wrong to express your feelings. You may be completely right. But what actually happens when the other person does not feel the same. You might feel sad, drink a few pegs and finally move on... find a new partner and yes the story repeats and sometimes your conscience confronts you with the question "Is this true love or just infatuation?" and you satisfy yourself saying "Yes it is because i feel connected". Somehow this seems illogical to me.Of course i know what you say: Many things in love are just illogical.

What is with proposing? telling a person you love about how much you love them. I have a simple question "Why?". Why do you have to tell somebody that you love them. In telling them so all you are trying to do is trying to prove to the world that even they love you. But my question still remains why? What has the world got to do with it? What have you achieved by letting them know? Are you trying to weigh your love against theirs? There is no other motto. Except for some satisfaction that you have a person to share your feelings/ or thoughts with, have a trusted partner to share your secrets because you know u cant keep them all to yourself.That is dependency my dear, not love.

Remember when was the last time you called your parents and told them how much you loved them. The last time when you called your sister/ brother to tell how boring your life would be had they not been in your life.Did your parents ever take you to a candle light dinner offered by the best restaurant in town and then tell you how much they loved you? Did you ever compose a song for your sister? How many times did you persuade your mom when she was feeling low? They never needed to because they loved you and they need not prove it to anyone.. My mom always knew when i was hungry or sad or sick. My dad always knew when i needed money or books. They might have scolded me most number of times than anyone else did in my entire life, I always felt its because they had that they had a right to. Love is all about that all about sharing your right to freedom with others and when that does not exist, biologically its called symbiosis and these days people often tend to call it "Love"

some things are better understood when not stated and i strongly believe love one such feeling.Final word on all this : Don't ever tell anyone how much you love them because if you really do they know it already and if they don't it only means they don't want to know.

Pramod (:P)


  1. abbabbaababbaaaa....

    I hope I have been at least a small part of the inspiration to write this post and thanx for voicing out some of my views (intentionally or unintentionally) :P

  2. Arguable statement but still my pick of d post "Don't ever tell anyone how much you love them because if you really do they know it already and if they don't it only means they don't want to know."

  3. very good use of language...about the content? no comments :D

  4. Ur views and opinions here go along if a guy has an acquaintance wid the gal... but this does not hold true for Love at first sight (if u believe in that) ... I believe so i disagree.. u need to tell the gal how u feel if ur not friends before.

  5. Love at first sight is bollocks.

  6. Good one....you nailed it deep and hard :-)
    (and at my free will can I make an assumption that this is out of frustration rather than that of an experience)

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  8. Aa edisaav le :P Ala chappagaa raste janalu chadavaru entha bagunna. Write some story.

  9. There is a huge difference between blood-related love and boy-girl love. In the former case, we need not express as you said but in the latter, not expressing is not an option as love means to want to live together for the rest of our lives in this case and that may not happen even if both love each other yet dont express. So, Pramod anna naa maata vini cheppey :D

  10. amazingly put with gr8 clarity of thot but highly debatable coz the definition of love is so abstract..